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Ohayou minna-san! This is MK who is not sure exactly what to blog about today. Hmmm *thinks*

Well, as minna-san might know by now, one thing that is constantly lingering in MK’s mind is: “Palm Centro!!!”. *nervous laugh* Yes, yes, I know. Minna-san is extremely sick of MK’s endless blabberings about this phone. [-_-]

But LOOK! MK was just googling “Centro” (as is now a routine activity for her *blush*) when she stumbled upon an interesting blog post:

Report from bizarro world: Centro, i760 best designed phones

Although “innovative” isn’t exactly the word we chose to use when summing up Palm’s Centro, apparently the public at large sees things a little differently — or, so says this report, anyway. According to a buyer behavior writeup from Strategy Analytics, the Centro “attracted the most attention from nearly half of the tested US consumers who are intending to purchase a new mobile device” in Q4, and it even ranked ahead of the second-place Samsung i760 in the “appealing” department. Both of the aforementioned handsets were hailed as the top choices (saywha?) for folks “seeking a multifunction, fully integrated device,” while the Nokia Prism and LG Rumor also got a few props along the way. Of course, it’s always best to take these “studies” with a healthy serving of salt, but if you wanted something to debate about, you’ve found it.

↑From Engadget.com↑

OK, it’s obvious that the writer of this post isn’t as big a fan of the Centro as MK is [u_u], but according to the study or analysis or whatever, many others agree with MK [^_^]. Hmmm, but honestly, does minna-san find the Centro a nice phone? Judging by this blogger’s tone, there are also others who probably dislike MK’s dream phone [;_;].

But anyway, I don’t mind so much if others don’t like my phone [-_-]. I think I’d mind more if I don’t like my phone, ne?

Moving on…

At the moment, there’s no specific color that I want, and I hope it stays this way, because I don’t wanna be totally bummed if I can’t get a specific color. I learned that you can’t get the pearl pink Centro unless you’re with Sprint. [-_-] Bummer. Plus there are some these two other colors that I love! But they’re from Sprint [;_;].

Off-limit colors to Sachi-chan [T.T]

Off-limit colors to MK *cries*

Why do all the cool colors have to be off-limits. *drat!*

There are some basic colors that you can get directly from Palm Factory unlocked. They’re all pretty plain, especially that navy blue one *gag*. The red one isn’t so bad though. That one’s a little less boring. ↓

Palm Centro Colors

Palm Centro unlocked factory colors

But thankfully, it seems some carriers like AT&T sell their phones unlocked too. I saw a really cool electric blue Centro on Ebay and… IT WAS UNLOCKED! \[^v^]/{yokatta!)

Its pretty!

It's pretty!

So, here are the colors I want lined up by how much I like them (1= LOVE IT! /5= Whatever *shrugs*)

  1. Electric blue!!! (of course!)
  2. Red
  3. Black (I would decorate this one)
  4. White
  5. Navy Blue (*sigh*)

Maybe, somehow, Sprint will also start to sell their phones unlocked too! [*v*]

Alright, enough blabber for today! What does minna-san think? Which color do you like best?

Oh! Just a random question for anyone who might know (per chance): If you look at the left side of the keyboard, under the letter “A” there’s a blank key. What is that key? Thanks to anyone who will help MK.


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