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The Heritage of MK!

Konnichiwa minna-san! MK apologizes first and foremost for allowing her blog to go un-updated for more than 24 hours!!! T_T…

Yesterday, MK was completely engrossed in the festivities which were taking place in Washington D.C.! Obama is now the president! Yay!

I’m particularly happy about this because… (dramatic pause)

….MK is a colored person…. (awkward silence)

Beautiful Island

Beautiful Island

Yes, yes. I know minna-san is very surprised (O□O)’. MK is an Oreo, black on the outside, white on the inside. *LOL*

Of course I’m not african-american, I’m from the islands, but I’ve never really been very much of an islander at heart. Most of the people I know are very island-ish. They really love the islands and plan to live in the Caribbean for most of their lives. MK is very different from that [-__-]. I’ve always been a more international person. I don’t act very much like I’m from the Caribbean.

Why, you ask? Well…. hmmm. I’m not exactly ashamed of the fact that I’m from where I’m from, because in some ways I would have an advantage over other people. But I don’t plan to live here in the islands for much longer. And I don’t think I’ll come back when I’m old or anything. But who knows, right?

Anyway, so I really enjoyed watching the inauguration yesterday. It was happening while we were still at school, so all

Obama taking the presidential oath!

Obama taking the presidential oath!

I asked my teacher if we could watch it during class and she said yes! I was so glad, I really didn’t wanna miss it. It’s a really historic event! I’d like to have been there too. Even though I’d be freezing and probably going crazy with claustrophobia, I think it’d still be nice. \ξ([^.^])/ <– *frozen*

Unfortunately, MK must leave soon. I apologize for so many short posts these days.

Oh! Report on Mission: Centro:

So far MK has earned about $10 [-_-] not very much. MK has become something of a penny-pincher. *LOL* Every penny counts! And since MK wants to make the burden on her parents as light as possible she must work over-time! [[[\[‘•’]/ *runs around looking for jobs*

Oh! How is minna-san? Everything going alright? Did anyone get to see the inauguration? What do you think of Obama being president? Oh! Don’t you just love his two littl girls!? ^^


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