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Konnichiwa, minna-san! Today MK is going to try to refrain herself from blabbering on and on about her dream phone. Minna-san must be very tired of hearing about that now.

So… hmmm. What should I blog about today? *thinks*

Well, tomorrow’s a pretty big day, ne? Is minna-san looking forward to seeing the inauguration of president-elect Barack Obama? I know I am! If I beg, I wonder if my parents will let me stay home from school to see it… Wouldn’t that

Sniper Neko

Sniper Neko

be nice?

Hmmm, well MK doesn’t have much else to say about Obama’s inauguration…


This morning I saw this thingy on CNN about the snipers who are there lurking in the shadows ready to take out any potential threats. I think snipers are so cool and stealthy! MK is very cowardly, so whenever she plays army video games or games where you use weapons and stuff, she loves to be the sniper so she can hide in the shadows where no one can shoot her back. *sneaky laugh*

Hmmm, Yoshi-kun said that he’s going to blog today… I wonder if he’ll really do it, and if so, what will he post about?

Well, MK has a busy day ahead of her. I have about two hours until I begin work [^_^]. And I have a test tomorrow that I haven’t studied for yet, plus I got three homework assignments. But since my employer has told me that I can work on homework at the job when I’m not busy, I’ll do that there. But I’m gonna get to studying in a few minutes because I doubt I’ll be able to study well at work.

So it is now time for MK to say sayounara to minna-san! But instead she will say…


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