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Bonjour minna-san! It is MK who has been dreaming of her lovely dream cell phone [*.*]. How is minna-san doing? Have you all been having a nice weekend resting and relaxing?

MK’s weekend has been nice so far. Nami-chan came over to my place yesterday, we had a really nice time hanging out in the afternoon. Then in the night we played WiiMusic for a bit, but were interupted by MK’s beloved \[♥v♥]/! But, SHHHH! MK is only a secret admirer of her beloved [;_;].

Dream phone~!

Dream phone~!

Anyway, I must not put my focus on sad things at this moment. [-__-]

MK is SO anxious about her plan to have her Palm Centro in her hands within a few month (wish I didn’t have to wait so long).

What’s my plan, you say?

MK’s Plan to get her dream phone within months:

OK, I can’t get this phone on my island so I’ve been browsing around for it on Ebay.com. And I was pretty dismayed to see that it costs about an average of $300 \[O□O]/!!! And the thing that’s just so uncool is that if I lived in the States and had a subscription with a carrier (like T Mobile or AT&T) I could get it for under $50! *cries*

Anyway, that’s just the way things are. So my plan is, since I now have a job, and my birthday is coming up in a couple months, I’m going to save and save until it’s almost my birthday, and then I’ll give my parents the money that I saved and they’ll pay the rest for the phone. [^_^] … Or so I hope. [-_-]

But anyway, so that’s basically my plan. I have about 40 work hours until my birthday, so I’ll have to do whatever extra jobs and tasks on the side to earn more. Every dime counts! *determined* I’m really feeling hopeful and praying everyday that God will help me to get the perfect phone!

So MK will begin work tomorrow and will report to minna-san regularly on how things are working out with MK’s plan!


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