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Latest Masterpiece

Konbanwa minna-san! MK desu!

Today I started working on my latest manga MASTERPIECE!!!

OK, it’s not really a masterpiece, but it’s a piece that I plan to put a whole lot of effort into during the next few days. And I’m going to post this piece here as it appears in the different “phases of development”.

The first two “phase of development” (the ones I did today) are:

  1. The drawing of the original image (simple sketch done in pencil)
  2. The tracing of the image in pen (this is so that the picture will show up clearly when it’s scanned)

Now, note: I’m no expert so expect the least in my work and please think nothing of it if my way of creating my work is different or less effective than others. I appreciate any tips, though.

OK, so here’s my drawing in Phase 1:

^.^ It's Sachi-chan!

^.^ It's MK!

I know, doesn’t look very much like MK, but it’s supposed to be a self-portrait. But hopefully the color will make a big difference in making this look like MK. Hmmm, I should get rid of that mole. MK doesn’t have a more -_- *wishes she did*

But I must leave now (gomen). Today was a busy day. Look out for the last phase of my piece soon!



Comments on: "Latest Masterpiece" (4)

  1. Wow!.. you really out done yourself.

    Heyyyy You know what?
    It actually looks like you. All you gotto do is make the hair a little wilder oh oh and the mouth a bit longer…..

    Oh my gosh I almost forgot the eyes. Yeah, those have to be a bit bigger. Just a little. (^_^) PeRfEcT! lol*

    Hahaha i’m just messing with you. It looks pretty cool .
    Keep improving those exceptional skills you got there Sachi-chan and you’ll be almost as good as I am. 😛

  2. Thank you, Nami-chan for your kind words of praise and encouragement! (I sound kinda like an adult, ne?) Sachi-chan must admit, though, she did better than usual on the hair. I’m kinda doubting whether or not that was the best choice of style for her hair, but it should look better when the color’s added.
    Last time I checked, Nami-chan was not too bad at drawing either, right? Though you draw sketches and stuff that you see, right? Your last drawing of the museum was really really amazing! I loved it, the one you did with paint and everything. Up to now, though I don’t think I’ve seen Yoshi-kun draw. Have you? How good is he?

  3. Not bad. You just need to give it more hair! (Laughs)

    I can see that you’re getting better, Sachi-chan! Ganbatte!

  4. Hmm, yea, the hair does look a, little thin in some areas. Actually the whole coloring of this picture is taking much longer than I thought and I’m horrible at it and I don’t have good programs like Photoshop or Paint Shop PRO. I use gimp [-__-]… I gotta try to get Photoshop sometime.

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