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What is Love?

Konbanwa. Sachi-chan desu.

*sigh* Right now I’m feeling really sad and empty-ish. So I decided to check out deviantart.com for nice manga pictures. I stumbled upon this really cool one.

What is Love?

What is Love?

What do you think? I absolutely love it! And not just because Gaara’s the coolest character ever! *LOL* I also love that his kanji tatoo is clearly visible and how even though he’s such a serious character he finds love intriguing. [^_^]. *LOL*

Anyway, that’s all for today. I still can’t seem to shake this gloomy mood [-_-]. Even with my happy emoticons. [;_;]…

Sayounara… -_-

Comments on: "What is Love?" (2)

  1. Welllll Sachi-chan I don’t think: (;_;)… is exactly the happiest emoticon.

    Try something like this : (^_^) or (^o^)… don’t they make you feel all warm inside???

    Yea I know.. no need to thank me.

    That is an interesting picture you have up there.
    You know you didn’t quite answer the question : what is love?

    Hmm but i’m guessing that it’s referring to Gaara’s picture. Cool.

  2. *confused* Nami-chan clearly did not understand the meaning of that sentence.
    I used the [;_;] emoticon because I’m sad that I can’t shake that bad mood even with the emoticons.
    Yea, that picture’s called What is Love. I found it, at Deviantart and that’s what it was called, and I think the name really adds a lot of meaning to the picture.
    How lovely!

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