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Sachi-chan’s Christmas

Oyasumi minna-san! Sachi-chan here, blogging randomly after a random day of doing hardly anything useful.*sigh*

How was minna-san’s Christmas? Did you all have a wonderful time with family and friends? My Christmas wasn’t too bad at all. I actually enjoyed the day. First we went to my Grandma’s for the usual Christmas lunch. I love Granny’s cooking! *yummm*

Next we went to a home for old people. I was kinda nervous about going since I’m not very good with strangers (offline, at least) – especially old ones. But I’d been thinking and praying really hard since before Christmas about what I’d do for someone else this year. So this was an awesome, simple way to help someone else have a better Christmas.

So we went to the home and it was pretty sad to see some of those old people just lying there in their beds all alone on Christmas. One man was actually in tears when we showed up. He was so sad because he felt like his family had forgotten him (they hadn’t come to visit him). It was really sad ;_;. Fortunately, my brother who plays the flute had his flute with him, so he played him some nice Christmas carols and we sand along.^●^♫ I hope it helped cheer that poor old man.

As we went to all the other rooms my brother ended up playing carols for just about all the other old people there. It was nice of him to do that n_n (though we basically had to force him to keep going).

Anyway, after we were done at the home, we head over to a friend’s house to hang out. They have a big family and just about everyone meets up at their place every Christmas. We had fun there.

After that we went back home. By this time I was quite sure that I wasn’t getting much for Christmas, and I was OK with that. I didn’t have much that really wanted anyway. Actually, the one thing that I could think of that I really would love to get was this video game called WiiMusic (I blogged about it… last month… I think).

But just when I was about to head to my room, thinking that my Christmas was just about done, my mom called me and my brother to her room. She had a big grin on her face (^v^). Right then I remembered that earlier that day my sister (who lives over seas) had said over the phone that she’d sent us “something” *sneaky tone of voice*. Though I pleaded with her to tell me what it was, she didn’t. So I guessed this must be that “something” she was talking about. When my mom pulled out a wrapped gift from behind her back I knew I was right. I could tell by the shape and size that it was clearly a video game! Could it be?!, I thought. When I opened the case and saw the yellow from the WiiMusic logo I was just so surprised O.o! I was so not expecting to get the one thing I’d wanted! So I spent a small part of my Christmas trying out WiiMusic, then I went to bed.

Yup, that was my Christmas this year. Pretty simple for most of the day but it ended in a really nice surprise. ^.^/

Anyway, I’m gonna go play video games (ie. WiiMusic) or something. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. In fact, How was everyone’s Christmas? What special things happened for you? I’d love to know! *v*



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  1. Hey there! Thanks for popping into my blog! My Christmas was (is) good. Still watching the kids rock out to their new Rock band 2 for Wii! It is a little different than Guitar Hero. The guitar is different and it adds drums, microphone and you can add a guitar. Pretty neat!

  2. Hi, no problem! Cool, RockBand sounds pretty cool *_*. Even better than Guitar Hero, it seems. Hmmm, I’m noticing a trend here. Everyone seems to be getting some kind of a musical video game this Christmas o.o (all of which are for the Wii). My friends got Guitar Hero, I got Wii Music, your kids got RockBand 2… Interesting.

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