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2008 Baton!

Hola minna-san! Sachi-chan at your service!

Right now I’m pretty much bored out of my mind! .__. *sigh* There’s little to do. Nami-chan and Yoshi are, of course, unreachable u_u. And my mom won’t let me go hang out at one of my other friend’s place. *groan* It’s really a dead-end right now.

But fortunately, I can blog to pass time for now… then I’ll see what I find to do after this.

Anyway, I was tagged by Ms. Aya from Paper Diaries to do this 2008 baton to end this year. So I’ll do that now – This should be fun ^.^

Here I go!

1. How was the atmosphere of the year?

Hmmm, well I can’t say this whole year had a single kind of atmosphere, but generally this was a year filled growth for Sachi-chan. In many different ways.

2. How many new friends did you make?

Hmmm, I can’t really remember making too many new friends. I know I made a couple friends through blogging. Also made new friends at websites that I visit regularly.

3. Have you gotten any taller or put on weight?

I don’t think I’ve gotten any taller (HALLELUJIAH! *o*/! – Sachi-chan wants to stay exactly the height that she is for the rest of her life! – about 170cm) and I’m not sure about my weight. I probably lost weight… I’ve been more active this year. I think I’m about 113 lbs. rigt now. I believe I was more earlier this year. *shrugs* Idk.

4. What kind of clothes did you wear?

As usual I’ve been wearing my American style clothes this year. But I think I’ve been dressing even more American than before. Lots of jeans, Converse All-Stars, T-shirts etc. I really stopped wearing sandals and slippers (unless necessary) for a huge part of the year. I also started wearing more stylish formals to church ^_^.

5. Developed any new interest(s)?

Blogging, of course, which I started a month or two ago. I hardly even understood what a blog was before -_-*.

6. Did you fall in love with anybody?

Well, I’m not so sure about love… but  I did develop a pretty big crush on…

Chris Brown ♥_♥ *sighs*

Chris Brown ♥_♥ *sighs*

7. What have you been dreaming this year?

Sachi-chan has been dreaming about:

  • The perfect guy! ♥
  • Growing up to be a successful young woman ^~^v
  • The day I get married!
  • Being chased by a crazy bodybuilder dude in an airport parking lot. o_o

8. What were your sweetest and best moments in Year 2008?

I can’t remember too many of them, but here are a few:

  • When Obama was elected President of America! Wow, that was an amazing experience.

  • Oh! And another one was just a few days ago. When my mom and I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijin. That was the most awe-inspiring ceremony of any kind that I have ever seen. I wish I could have been there! – I think I’ll blog about it sometime for those of you who haven’t seen it.
  • Holding my friend Maes’s baby girl for the first time.

9. What were your WORST/FRIGHTENING moment in Year 2008?

Oh! One was this time when my dad, brother and some friends of mine were stupid enough to try climbing this mountain… WITH NO GEAR OR ANYTHING. It was really one of the stupidest things to do. We were just walking along a beach, regularly. Then for no apparant reason, my brother started climbing up this rocky mountain thingy. I would think my dad would have stopped him, but he didn’t. He joined him O_O. Anyway, it’s kind of a long story. I thought I was gonna lose my life that day!

10. What was the most proud thing you did?

Hmmm, yet another tough one. Lets see:

  • Was promoted to my next grade top of my class.
  • I stood up to a teacher who was being unfair.
  • I stood up for my beliefs in God multiple times.
  • Sorry, I can’t think of anything else.

11. What do you regret most?

I regret following my dad up that mountain.

12. How was your birthday celebrated?

It was hardly celebrated. I was “sick” on my birthday (red flag). So when my family took me out to have lunch, I felt so sick I had to rush home. -.-

13. What is the best thing given to you?

God’s gift of LOVE – Jesus Christ!

14. Any confessions to make?

I shot the sheriff!!! ;_; …. ♫But I didn’t shoot the deputy!~♫ ^o^/♫ *LOL*

15. What are the goals that you have achieved?

  • I was able to be promoted to the next year of school, top of my class.
  • I was able (I hope) to help others in different ways.

16. What are the goals that you COULDN’T achieve this year?

Hmmm, I couldn’t eat healthy all the time.

17. What do you have in mind for the upcoming year?

Next year I want to:

  • Continue to do my very best in school.
  • Help many people.
  • Grow in my walk with God!
  • Help others know Him too.
  • Get into the audience of the Oprah Show!
  • Be ON the Oprah Show!*LOL*
  • Have a successful blog!~* ^_^

———————————–Ta-da! Finito!—————————————

Hmmm, ok I pass this baton to anyone who would like to use it. If I may.

OK, that took up enough time, I’ll go now!


Comments on: "2008 Baton!" (2)

  1. … You’re 170cm tall!? REALLY!? (OAO)

    !! eraikotcha !!

    About the theme, you have to pay WordPress or get a domain if you want to change it.

    Other than that, there’s really no way you can design/download new themes. (Tears)

  2. -_- Yea… is that a bad thing? I know I really don’t wanna grow an inch taller ever! Because I don’t want to get too tall so that it’ll be hard to find a guy who’s taller than me (I just can’t imagine having a boyfriend/husband who’s shorter than I am 0.0).
    A sou desu ka… that’s pretty lame. -_- I was really hoping I’d be able to use one that I downloaded. *sigh*
    Anyway, thanks!

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