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Chiisana Inori

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Konbanwa! Sachi-chan here doing a quick post about a really nice song I discovered some time ago.

This song has aparantly got some kind of connections to Fruits Basket. I don’t know if it’s the opening song, or one of the closing songs. I really have no idea, because I’ve never had much of an interest in Fruits Basket. Since it’s so popular, I’ve checked it out on Wikipedia in the past, and the plot of the story just never seemed very cool. Please, no offence to any Fruits Basket fans. Maybe someday I’ll watch the anime/read the manga. Until then, maybe Sachi-chan should keep her pothole shut, she might actually like it if she were to watch/read it. -_-

Anyway, the song’s called “Chiisana Inori”. I don’t know who sings it (if anyone knows please let me know – thanks) but she has a nice cute voice, I find. The song itself is beautiful! I was first attracted to this song because of the awesome orchestration part at the beginning of the song. It sounds pretty italian, actually, but whatever it is, it’s pretty! *.*{Sugoi ne!)

What do y’all think, ne? Don’t worry you can be honest. Sachi-chan knows she has off taste in music… u_u *LOL*


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