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~Ohaiyou everyone!~ *Waves at readers and fellow bloggers* Are you having a nice day?

I noticed something the other day. It’s important for a blog to consist of not only personal posts, but informational posts too. Posts where the blogger(s) share their knowledge about a certain topic with readers. Come to think of it, the main blog that I read (other than this one of course ^v^), I first stumble upon it through one of their how-to posts.

So now I’m taking the hint and starting my own How-to’s. Only, there’s a problem… I thought and thought about what skills I have that I could blog about… and I couldn’t think of anything T_T. So I decided, instead of just posting about how to do one thing, why not just post about different random things that come to mind?

So, there you have it, my plan for MK’s Random How-to’s!!! (pretty catchy title, don’t ya think? ^.^) So in addition to my regular posts about normal stuff, I’ll be writing random how-to’s every once in a while. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Bye Bye!

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  1. … Ok.. Let’s see what Sachi-chan is going to teach us. (^v^)/

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