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Tough experiences

Hello everyone! It’s me! MK! Today is yet another boring day with hardly anything to do, but for the sake of this blog (since I probably won’t post anything tomorrow) I’ll find something random to blog about today.


Oh! I know! Let’s talk about…

Painful and Scary experiences 0_0

I’m just a teenager, so I haven’t lived through too many scary or painful experiences (thank God!). But I have got a few stories to tell about some tough experiences of mine.

I was just thinking of two of the most physically painful experiences that I can remember. They both happened not too long ago… in the hospital 0.0 (hospitals are always so scary *quivers*). The first one was about a year ago, when I had a really troublesome problem with my toe. I’d been dealing with the problem for weeks when my doctor told me I’d have to have a small operation on it 0.0. At the time I wasn’t so worried about it because I didn’t expect it to be painful since they were gonna… make my toe numb. But it ended up being the most painful experience I have ever been through. First of all, the anesthetic hurt really bad, it felt like the doctor was pumping acid into my toe!!!`.´{!) Then, when I was sure it couldn’t get much worse, it did. The anesthetic thingy didn’t work (0.0 uh oh ! warning: reader discretion is advised). He started cutting at my nail and flesh and I felt everything!!!! (*AAAAH!*) I can’t even remember how long I had to endure that excruciating pain, but I think it wasn’t more than a minute (thank the Lord!).

I recently went through the same operation a second time. When I learned I had to do it again, I asked God to help me to accept it and not to be depressed about it and He did help me to not be in constant fear of that “moment of truth”. When the time came for me to have to operation, I was well prepared for the worst while still trusting God for the best. I even had my best bud, Nami-chan there with me ^_^! And it actually ended up going MUCH better than the first one! The needle did hurt a lot(and this time I got 2 of them), but the anesthetic actually worked this time! So the cutting part wasn’t half as bad. YAY! And it also helped to have Nami-chan there with me. I probably broke every one of her fingers that day (srry Nami-chan!)*LOL*. But in the end…

I came out victorious!!! ^_^V

So those are the two most (physically) painful experiences of my life. And I survived them both with God’s help! So, have any of you guys had any really painful experiences? They don’t have to be physical, they can be emotionally painful too *Is a good listener*.


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  1. Your poor toe has been through a lot of pain. O~wie~ (;___; )

    You really have strong faith in God. That’s nice and I salute you.

    Baa… Painful experiences.. I don’t think I have any and even though they may pass off and pain and scary, I try not to let it seep into me. So I usually just dismiss them and tell myself not to do it again. (Laughs nervously)

    Sorry, I don’t have anything to share with you about this. (_ _)lll

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