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My love of Manga and Anime!

Ohaiyou everyone! This is MK posting once again!

OK, today I don’t really have much to blog about, given I’ve been having some pretty sour days lately – friend problems, school problems, staying at home all day, doing nothing -_-. So I decided to blog some about two of my top interests,

Manga and Anime ^.^

I know many of you are probably also interested in Manga and Anime, making this an even more suitable topic to blog about!

How I became a manga and anime fan

Ok, about a year or two ago, I bumped into this guy at our school who’s a really talented artist. He normally just draws regular drawings of random things like horses or people. But this time he showed me a manga that he was drawing. I was completely blown away, because I had never seen someone hand draw a manga before (I know, I don’t get out much). So I was totally inspired to try to learn to draw manga. I had always wished I had a natural talent with art, but that’s just not the case, anyway, I was inspired right then and there to learn to draw manga!^.^ So I inquired to the art teacher about how I could learn to draw manga. She told me to check out some sites online about it. I did and I slowly started learning techniques and improving my horrible drawing skills.

At this time I was still not really interested in reading manga or watching anime yet, but after some time, I was at a friend’s house when I saw that she was reading some manga books on her computer. I initially joined her only because I knew it’d help me draw better manga if I got more used to how it looks. But after a while I wasn’t only focusing on the art at all! It was pretty fun! So from then on I started to have an interest in Manga and Anime.

Ok, so the some of the manga that I really really like are:

Me and My Brothers!

Me and My Brothers!

  • Me and My brothers – A story about a 14-year-old girl who becomes an orphan and is left to her four older brothers who she only knew when she was too young to remember. It’s a very funny comedy! At least I think so.
  • Kare first LoveA romance about a nerdy girl who meets a really confident handsome rich guy. The story follows their bumpy relationship. I LOVE SHOUJOS (romance manga’s)!
  • Hana-KimiA shoujo about a girl who disguises herself as a boy and enters a boys’ boarding school to meet her idol – a teenage high jumper named Izumi Sano. She also meets a really funny guy named Nakatsu (I think) who falls in love with her and starts to think he’s gay because he thinks she’s a guy. °~° Kinda confusing, I know. *LOL*

Yea, those are basically my favorite manga’s for now. OK, now for my favorite anime:

  • ChobitsAbout a guy who finds a persocom (some kind of a super smart robot computer – looks just like a person). When he finds her she knows hardly anything and the only word she can say is “Chi” and therefore he calls her “Chi”. The story follows the guy as he teaches Chi all kinds of things and discovers the secrets of Chii’s past (ooooh!!O.O).


  • NanaA shoujo about two girls named Nana who meet in a train and end up being room mates. They are completely opposites. One Nana (also called Hachi by the other Nana) is very perky and childish whereas the other Nana, is an edgy, lead singer of a rock band. Despite their differences they become the best of friends! ^_^
  • Ai Mai Mi Strawberry Eggs! – A shoujo about a guy who applys for a job at a school near where he lives. He gets rejected by the school because he is a man and the school is a really weird girls’ boarding school when it is taught that men are all evil savages! He disguises himself as a woman and applies again and gets accepted. At the school he and one of the students start to fall in love with each other 0.0… yea, you’ll have to watch it for the rest. It’s an awfully weird anime.

Yep, those are some of the manga’s I’ve read and anime I’ve watched. I gotta go watch my scheduled program now! *LOL*

Sayounara everyone!


Comments on: "My love of Manga and Anime!" (8)

  1. Ohayo!

    You’re weird. Normally people start their love for anime/manga after they watch or read it while you were captivated by someone else’s drawing without knowing anime and manga.

    (Laughs) Unique attraction.

    Well, I don’t know if my tutorials were of any help since I’m a terrible manga artist myself. (Laughs)

    But I advise you to read and watch more anime so that you can picture them in your mind and then slowly draw them out.

    You know.. Don’t draw because you want a picture, draw only if you have a picture to draw.

    Baa~ Hana-kimi is hilarious! I read until book 5 and the rest I watched the drama series. (Laughs)

    Ok, this is it for now.

    Ganbatte in your quest to drawing beautiful manga!

  2. One more thing which is the most important of all — CHEER UP and BE HAPPY!

  3. Lol! Yea, I am weird ^.^!
    Yes, you’re tutorials were very helpful! I actually have one of your drawings (I drew it over for practice) in my sketchbook. Of course it didn’t exactly come out like yours, though -_-. But, you’re definitely much better than me… I’m still a noob.*lol* Honestly, I really don’t have much natural talent in drawing anything, so this is really a feat for me. But I’ve definitely improved with practice ^_^. I’ll be sure to do a post with some of my work some time – when my scanner stops being such a pain (it’s giving lots of trouble – might even end up using a camera…).

    Yea, I do normally pay attention to the art when I’m watching an anime or reading a manga. It does help a whole lot to be familiar with how manga is typically drawn.
    Yea, Hana-Kimi is really awesome! I’ve only got the first volume, unfortunately. I’d like to read the rest soon though.

    KK, I’ll go now! Oh! And thanks for your… ‘cheer up’ wishes. ^_^

    Jane, ane-san!

  4. Don’t give up. Eventually you’ll be able to draw.

    As long as you have an image in mind, it’s just putting them on the paper that is tough.

    Patience is virtue when it comes to drawing.

    So don’t worry. I’ll try my best to encourage you and provide some tips every now and then, ok?

    Hana-kimi is really funny. Good choice!

  5. imageriix said:

    i luv anime and manga and am a budding manga-ka. but so far all i like to do is sit down and read cantarella or the manwha ragnarok. unfortunately the local borders and library all their manga is missing after volume 3. waaaaa!!!

  6. I’m also a budding manga-ka. I’ve posted some of my drawings in some posts (if u can find them). I’m not that great yet and I haven’t had a ton of time to practice lately… [-__-] But hopefully I’ll get to practice more during the summer.

    Well, at least imageriix-san’s library has manga in it. MK’s library is very small and doesn’t have any kinda of comics of manga [u_u].

  7. Cool site, love the info.

  8. [^_^]AWWW~! Thank you, Bartmann-san (or Bill?)! I hope you’ll come again soon. As you can tell, I could use some company here. *MK’s all alone.* [.___.]

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