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Weekends of Bliss!

Ohayou minna-san! It’s MK!!! OK, my weekends aren’t really that blissful -_-, but I just didn’t want the title of this post to sound all depressed and boring.

Anyway, I was recently speaking to one of my friends about what I spend my Saturday nights doing. I realized then that, my weekends… are actually… *sniff*… really lame T_T.

Maybe my weekends are just like most people’s weekends and I’m misled, or I’m right and my weekends are loserly -_-.

Ok, so here’s a little description of an average weekend in the life of MK:

On Friday, when I come home from school, I normally just change and watch TV, play video games[The sims 2/Wii etc.] or go online[surf the net/chat/blog]. I do that until around 6pm when our family has Sabbath worship to welcome the Sabbath.

On the Sabbath, after going to church from around 9am-12pm, we normally do christian things and just chill out with friends and family. Sabbath ends at around 6pm on Saturday, so after that, I normally just spend my Saturday nights at home watching TV, playing video games or going online[surfing the net/chating/blogging]. Sometimes, though, I either hang out at a friend’s house or have some friends over at my place. We normally find pretty fun, random things to do.

Anyway, on to Sundays. Sunday is the laziest day of the week. On Sundays I don’t really have a set plan or schedule. I just basically do nothing or whatever I have that needs to get done, I can always do those things on Sundays.

Yup, so that’s basically what my weekends normally look like. So tell me, are my weekends loserly T_T? Or are your weekends similar to mine? Why not tell what your weekends are generally like?


The Events of Today

~Ohayou minna-san!

It’s MK here! Today I’m going to blabber about my day, since I haven’t been saying much about what’s up in my life lately (I’ve just been blogging about things that don’t have so much to do with me).

Hai!*bows -_-* So today, school was just as usually, work, tests studying, all the things that are normally done in school. Then when I got home from school, my mom called to tell me there were some double-dutch

Double Dutch

Double Dutch

people at the school doing a demonstration, and that I should come right away. I was really confused because she was being all excited and talking really fast and unclear, but I decided to go check it out. When I got there, there was a small crowd of people standing and watching some people in white shirts and white shorts in the center of the crowd. The were doing double-dutch •_•{?). Before anything really started I got disappointed for some reason and immediately felt that I shouldn’t have wasted my time (I’d been playing The Sims 2: Apartment Life). But as I continued watching, I realized they were actually pretty good. The were doing flips and all kinds of other cool tricks. I was very impressed and was soon glad I’d come (0.0 I changed my mind really fast there).

I ended up really enjoying it, although it wasn’t very long (or at least I wasn’t there very long). Hmmm, I wonder if one day I’ll learn to double-dutch? It certainly looked like a ton of fun.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Sorry my post is so short today, I’m feeling really tired all of a sudden. I might go and take a little nap right about now.

OH! And for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving… HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hmmm, why don’t I make a list of some random things I’m thankful for?

  • My notebook computer (which I’m using right now).
  • My friends and family.
  • This blog! o_-
  • And so many more of the things that God has blessed me with! ♥

Ok, *nods sleepily* I’m off to nappy land now =_={Zzz).


A small part of my youth

Hello, everyone! Hmmm… what shall I blog about today?… *thinking* Oh I know!

—> Scoubidous! <—

Ok, you’re probably wondering what in the world ^that^ word means. So… I’m going to tell you!!! *_* Aren’t you excited!? ^.^ (well, ok, it’s not that exciting… but anyway, here I go!)

OK, earlier today, I saw this old book that I have in my bookshelf about Scoubidous. The book brings back many memories of when I was a little younger, that’s why I decided to blog about this today. Ok, so what are scoubidous?


Scoubidou (pronounced like Scooby-Doo) is a plaiting and knotting craft, originally aimed at children. Scoubidous are supple, round and hollow plastic tubes usually about 80 centimeters in length. They are sold in various colors, sizes and types, and are used to make various items by binding them together with special knots. Key chains, friendship bands and other trinkets are most commonly woven, although more complicated shapes and figures can also be created.” (from www.wikipedia.org)



So, now that you know what scoubidous are, I can begin my blabberings about them ^_^!

OK, so when I was younger, scoubidous became very popular where I live. Within a few weeks of the first people starting with them, tons of girls and even sometimes boys were no longer paying attention in classes because they were all too busy working on their latest scoubidou projects.

Here’s how scoubidous first became a part of my life: One day, I got a mysterious dutch book from one of my

The mysterious book o.o

The mysterious book o.o

friend’s moms. It was called “Scoubidou – Vakantieboek” (Scoubidou – Vacation book). At first I couldn’t fully understand it, but I had my mom explain me what it was about. Plus there are many pictures inside (some of which I’ll show you), so it was easy to figure out what was being said inside.

I quickly learned how to make the easiest kind (the square stitch) and was slowly on my way to becoming a scoubidou master! I practiced and practiced making all kinds of beautiful scoubidous. Sometimes I even made them for other people. Eventually my backpack was full of scoubidou keychains. And it was a funny sight because at the time I had a Scooby-Doo bag, so I had Scooby-Doo and scoubidous on my bag ^.^.

So, that was a little about my embarrassing past. Now let me show you all some pictures of some really pretty scoubidous! These are all pictures from ^”Scoubidou – Vakantieboek”^. (credits to my trusty little camera [again] ^v^)

Square-knot scoubidous - the simplest kind

Square-stitch scoubidous - the simplest kind

Circle-knot scoubidous - a little bit harder than square-knots

Circle-stitch scoubidous - slightly harder than square-stitch



all kinds of lovely scoubidous... I can't make any of these anymore T_T.

All kinds of lovely scoubidous... I can't make any of these ;_;

Scoubidou people. *hmm* The one on the right kinda looks like me!*lol*

Scoubidou people. *hmm* The one on the right kinda looks like me!

More pretty scoubidous☼

More pretty scoubidous☼

That’s it! 0_0 That took longer than I expected… hmm. Oh! If you want, I could make a how-to about how to make scoubidous (MK’s Random How-to’s! ^.^/~).

Let me know what you think of them (and about my embarrassing past ;_;) and whether or not I should make a how-to on making scoubidous! I’m off now!

Sayounara ~ ♥!

The Road That no one Walks on…


^The Sims 2: Apartment Life^

Ohayou minna-san! *waves* MK [again]… Hmmm, I wonder where Namine is after that “beautiful” post apologizing for not posting for so long?… T_T

Today has been a very typical day… -_- Nothing really special has happened and I’m actually quite bored. One not-so-lame thing that happened today is that my mom bought me a really cool game that I’ve wanted for a long time! It’s The Sims 2: Apartment Life! I’m actually a HUGE fan of The Sims games since years ago! But I played the game for hours already and I’m still bored -_-…

So I decided to share a beautiful poem with you! It’s a poem from Chobits, the anime and I just completely fell in love with this poem the first time I heard it. Yet, I can’t promise you’ll like it as much as I do… When I showed it to some other people, most of them didn’t see anything special about it, so maybe it’s just me •_•{?).

Here it is:


The Road That no one Walks on…

No one is walking on this road.
There are houses, yes, and light shines from their windows.
But no one is walking on this road.
I look in from one of the windows
There are people, but they already have someone special with them.
I look into other houses as well.
The people in them also have someone special with them.
Because being with someone special is fun.

Much more fun than being alone.
So, no one comes outside anymore.
No one walks on this road.

I am going on a journey. I will go to another city.
Wishing that someone will find me.
But when the one for me would fall for me…
That would be the moment that he and I would have to separate.
But still, I want to meet the one who is right for me.

Thinking on this, I depart again…
On the road no one walks on.


So, that was it… kinda depressing, I know, but for some reason I just think it’s beautiful. *_*

Am I as much of a weirdo as I think I am, or do you guys agree that this is an awesome poem? Lemme know what you think!


MissionaryK’s Random How-to’s![coming soon]

~Ohaiyou everyone!~ *Waves at readers and fellow bloggers* Are you having a nice day?

I noticed something the other day. It’s important for a blog to consist of not only personal posts, but informational posts too. Posts where the blogger(s) share their knowledge about a certain topic with readers. Come to think of it, the main blog that I read (other than this one of course ^v^), I first stumble upon it through one of their how-to posts.

So now I’m taking the hint and starting my own How-to’s. Only, there’s a problem… I thought and thought about what skills I have that I could blog about… and I couldn’t think of anything T_T. So I decided, instead of just posting about how to do one thing, why not just post about different random things that come to mind?

So, there you have it, my plan for MK’s Random How-to’s!!! (pretty catchy title, don’t ya think? ^.^) So in addition to my regular posts about normal stuff, I’ll be writing random how-to’s every once in a while. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Bye Bye!

Into my sketchbook

Hello, MK again!

I recently said I’d post some of my artwork just as soon as I got my scanner fixed. But I’ve been trying to figure out what the problem is in vain. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get my drawings scanned any time soon. So I’ve decided to just use my camera. And since I’m also a horrible photographer (my pictures often come out blurry), I apologize for any problems seeing any of these *bows*-_-.

Here are some of my manga drawings!


Sorry, this one's a bit hard to see

Angry girl

Angry girl

One of my earlier drawings

One of my earlier drawings

Chibi! Another old drawing

Chibi! Another old drawing

I like this one. *_*

I like this one. *_*

I don't like this one much -_-

I don't like this one much -_-

Alright, so that was a little peek into my sketchbook. I know, I know, I’m not very good yet, but I’m definitely much better than I was before (I was even more of a noob before T_T).

So what do you think? Do you like any of them, per chance? Or do they stink -_-? If so, any tips on how I could get better? I’d really appreciate tips!



Tough experiences

Hello everyone! It’s me! MK! Today is yet another boring day with hardly anything to do, but for the sake of this blog (since I probably won’t post anything tomorrow) I’ll find something random to blog about today.


Oh! I know! Let’s talk about…

Painful and Scary experiences 0_0

I’m just a teenager, so I haven’t lived through too many scary or painful experiences (thank God!). But I have got a few stories to tell about some tough experiences of mine.

I was just thinking of two of the most physically painful experiences that I can remember. They both happened not too long ago… in the hospital 0.0 (hospitals are always so scary *quivers*). The first one was about a year ago, when I had a really troublesome problem with my toe. I’d been dealing with the problem for weeks when my doctor told me I’d have to have a small operation on it 0.0. At the time I wasn’t so worried about it because I didn’t expect it to be painful since they were gonna… make my toe numb. But it ended up being the most painful experience I have ever been through. First of all, the anesthetic hurt really bad, it felt like the doctor was pumping acid into my toe!!!`.´{!) Then, when I was sure it couldn’t get much worse, it did. The anesthetic thingy didn’t work (0.0 uh oh ! warning: reader discretion is advised). He started cutting at my nail and flesh and I felt everything!!!! (*AAAAH!*) I can’t even remember how long I had to endure that excruciating pain, but I think it wasn’t more than a minute (thank the Lord!).

I recently went through the same operation a second time. When I learned I had to do it again, I asked God to help me to accept it and not to be depressed about it and He did help me to not be in constant fear of that “moment of truth”. When the time came for me to have to operation, I was well prepared for the worst while still trusting God for the best. I even had my best bud, Nami-chan there with me ^_^! And it actually ended up going MUCH better than the first one! The needle did hurt a lot(and this time I got 2 of them), but the anesthetic actually worked this time! So the cutting part wasn’t half as bad. YAY! And it also helped to have Nami-chan there with me. I probably broke every one of her fingers that day (srry Nami-chan!)*LOL*. But in the end…

I came out victorious!!! ^_^V

So those are the two most (physically) painful experiences of my life. And I survived them both with God’s help! So, have any of you guys had any really painful experiences? They don’t have to be physical, they can be emotionally painful too *Is a good listener*.